Thursday, May 27, 2021

The first thing I can remember was that I was walking to school. At least I'm pretty I was. I was wearing my blue rain jacket.

Then suddenly I had arrived at this brick building, standing outside what I guess was the main entrance. It did not in any way resemble my school. There was also a parking lot behind me. It was in the middle of an urban street I didn't recognise. But it reminded me of my hometown in Canada.

There were a couple other students near me, but I got to talking to this one guy who looked and sounded somewhat similar to this one kid I knew in elementary school years and years ago. It was that point I realised I hadn't even brought my backpack, but I think he and I laughed it off or something.

I checked the time, it said 14:52 on my phone. Which was weird, because there was already a pretty pronounced sunset.

I looked out at the parking lot, and then I saw someone lounging on the pavement and I knew who it was. It was a friend from history class. He had a smirk on his face that I had seen him sport before, and he was staring off into the distance. I don't know what he was smirking at. I think I heard the voices of a couple others as I walked off; I was going to retrieve my backpack.

I'm not quite sure what immediately followed that, but all I remember is that once I "returned", the building was now a giant colesseum/stadium thing, with a teal blue sky above. I was in the area of the bleachers, and I don't actually know if I had my backpack or not. But I was looking around, maybe I saw a familiar face, I'm not sure... I'm not sure what transpired to bring me here.

Or at least, I didn't know for a couple minutes. All of a sudden I had this flashback of me being this weird, grey-looking pig thing just walking around on this equally dark grey plain, with the teal blue sky still above me. I think it was a near a shoreline. Then this giant bird came by and picked me up, and carried me across the plain. I saw giant hills, mountains and cravesses below me as he carried me straight to the colesseum/stadium structure, and I guess in that instant I became human again.

When I returned to the present day, I was once again in a different location. This time I was in what I guess was a library, as I was in this asile of brown bookshelves. There was a grey wall to the left of me, but I don't know what was to my right.

I had picked up what looked like some kind of textbook - it had math symbols on the cover - and I was flipping through it. At first I started flipping from the end side, and as I did, all I saw was the same repeated phrase on every page. I can't remember what was the phrase was but I don't think it was positive. Then I started going by multiple pages, and soon I began to see unique writing on every single page. I don't remember any exact quotes or what was even really discussed in it. But it read less like a textbook and more like someone's venting journal; there was unqiue writing on every single page the more I went and none of it looked academic. It only looked like a "textbook" because it was stylised like one. I don't know what the cover was all about.

I guess I had put the book down shortly afterwards, because then suddenly I was lying on the floor of the library, and these two guys were talking with me. One of them was the history class friend, but the other was a stranger. They were laughing and joking though, so I guess in the moment we were all friendly. Then another kid I knew in history class - one with orange hair - came over and started chatting with us too. I don't know what we talked about, but it seemed as if we were all having a good time. It's funny, because I'm not even super close with them normally; we've conversed pretty well before but they're not my best friends or anything. But in this moment it was as if we were.

Another weird detail was that I was wearing clothes, but my skin still felt bare. I don't know what that was about.

And that's all I remember.